Customer services is one of important aspect for the survival of one’s business..

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In good or bad customer service situations, being transparent will almost always please the customer to some degree. Sugar-coating or hiding the problem will only cause contempt when your customer realizes (or suspects) what is going on behind the scenes.

Need a good example of what I mean? Here’s one.

Last weekend, I went to Buffalo Wild Wings in Live Oak, TX in a group of four on a Sunday afternoon. While the food there is always quite good (how can fried stuff be bad?), the service is variable. Our waiter slowly walked up and he was a little slow to speak. It wasn’t because he was apprehensive – the guy genuinely looked worn out.

He asked us how we were and what we’d like to drink. Once we ordered it, he repeated everything back and then paused. “I just thought I’d let y’all know”, he says, “that last night was my birthday, and I had too much to drink. I’m moving slowly today, but I’m going to take care of y’all.”

As a customer, I could take this two ways:

* This is irresponsible! How could he come to work like this. All of my food will come out wrong.
* I’ve been in this guy’s shoes, and I can imagine how bad his head hurts. I’ll give him a little leeway.

I’ve been in his shoes before and I’ve had to work very early the next day. We all chose the second option and gave him the benefit of the doubt. Throughout the meal, our waiter did not make one error. In fact, I’d venture to say that it was the second best customer service experience we’d had at that restaurant. He made a good sized tip, and we all wished him a belated Happy Birthday.

Some may say that he was a bit too transparent. I might even agree with those people. However, he did a few things that made him successful:

* He saw we were young, and he took a gamble that we could relate to his situation (and we could)
* He worked hard and made sure everything was done right
* He brought us extra ranch dressing (had to throw that in there)

The next time you’re in a situation with a customer, try to keep transparency in mind when you explain the details to them. Even if the news is bad, they’ll appreciate the intricacy of the problem if you let them in on something that some would consider to be a secret.

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p/s : Don’t be afraid of Customers … 8-)