this time around.. it would’nt be the same..

there are a lot of thing that we actually don’t expect to happened but..

that is what we actually asked for..

the way we live.. the way we interact.. the way we plan .. and

the way we actually act and re-act..

 the consequences is probably.. the most / the best match for whatever we have struggled for..

does’nt matter if we really realize it or not.. this life is once ..

the next time around would never the same as now..

either we make it.. or not gonna make it.. that is kinda of binary.. either 0 or 1 .. nothing such as in between..

we do choose what should be the one that suit for us later somehow…

come to think bout it.. it does’nt bother me much.. if you rich or not..

what is inside your heart also mean nothing to me.. but I think it does matter to you..

and the same thing .. as.. I don’t care what an idiot will act/do .. but it does matter if that ‘idiot’ is you or me..

and again depend on what an ‘idiot’ is defined..