It had been few years I have not even give a blink to something not related to my work at all.

I can’t remember the last time I had quarrel with anyone who questioning my commitment toward anything.
Be it a task .. a promise .. or whatsoever.

Until recently , I had been interrupted from my normal or routine work due to some personal issues.
.. and the least thing to be expected.. “my commitment in my work is now being questioned.”
Probably of my stupid action or something that I did wrongly, so that everything
seem as screwed up like in the “shit hit the fan”.


But , seriously when the performance measurement is not visible enough..
we tend to judge.. and that might be wrong or might be right.

Seriously , technically I don’t think someone would love to tell how hard the work
to get thing done.. the end result would matter most.
The pride of getting it done.. no matter how many sleepless night or
how hard to try getting it fixed.. we love to speak of the “done” thing rather than
keep mentioning hardwork that we had put in.
Or maybe is just me.. I just put something into the plate..
think aloud on the matter.. find the solutions.. fix it.. and then just forget it.
Probably wrote some note for future reference on how to fix it.
rather recording how many hours does it take to complete it.

I don’t care how many hours.. as long as the fix is found or
at least I had learned how NOT to do THING as it doesn’t work.

try go and ask the army to tell how many “titik peluh yang jatuh ke bumi” during “attack operation”..
at the dawn of the day.. I bet no one can tell. But they would rather highlight..
“Have been there and conquered that hill .. done the whole amazing thing with the team.. but NOT alone.”
Hence, these day I think is not SUM of individual that matters most.
but rather there is the collective effort for collabration to get thing done is exist.

Un-related video but inspirational enough to share :