Work Hard, Play Hard..


I know, it may sound very familiar to you.. but.. here is my comment.

Sometime the one who have put fullest effort into one thing.. and keep doing that for years.. sooner or later it will  become a habit..

doesn’t  have to be work related at all.. if someone trained to put in everything to get the best out of himself…

then most probably in every single thing he/she did would be seen..

actually been defined correctly into “How” actually we do thing.. either carelessly… fearlessly ?

dumb.. straight forward obedient worker ?

.. or we did actually learn something in everyday job, that we do for living/earning ?

yes .. correct again if you’re saying we are just passing time.. doing my time here.. bla..bla..

that would be not much different compared to those who are detained within the wall such  in I.S.A or whatsoever .. hehe .(hope google didn’t pickup that.).

actually there are a lot more thing to pick up.. other than the monthly income. (which is somehow relative.. anyway : as it got deducted by the tax.).

and something we put into our brain is what we earn most… and no one else gonna took that away from us.. no matter what..

unless someone learned “hypnosis” capability later of the day to extract it out.. hehehe.

and according to famous research we actually utilizing less that 10% of our brain for the whole life ..

perhaps minus the one un-controllable stuff.. (like being mad at something.. and tend to behave unexpectedly ) there are still a lot of space there..

let’s explore this life..  live it to the fullest..

for example… in the book title “Hard Drive”.. its explain that Bill Gates actually having other software development company which is doing

“Smart-House” concept..  and being successful at that field also..( having habit of driving fast ).. apart of being a successful CEO/leader at Microsoft..

p/s : psychologically turning “buying thing is a waste” into “buying  thing actually a saving”.. (hp launch event of G6 servers)