Don’t know what triggered it.. today I checked the Page Rank for my blog..
surprise!!.. is now dropped to “PR 0”..

what went wrong?
then noticed the blogroll at the blog side bar which is promoting other “paid” website..
and google put the penalty in effect.. muahhahaa..

how to cure ?
Installed this plugin.

and it will add rel=nofollow to each of the link in the blogroll.. i think have to wait for sometime to return back to normal again..

.. and while at it.. removing the link at “Meta” widget.. in
wp-includes/widgets.php ..around line 860

remove the link to wordpress..

edited to become as such

<li><a href="" title="Syndicate this site using RSS 2.0"><abbr title="Really Simple Syndication">RSS</abbr></a></li>

hmm.. what else..

edited every single page in the to point a link to ..

created a banner and a page dedicated for this purpose.. banner

p/s : now become a bit more careful to entertain request to “add link”.. hehehe 8-)