Decompilation & Disassembly prohibited..

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have you ever encounter this screen .. ?dissam.JPG

Intel corp thing.. hahaha..

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29 thoughts on “Decompilation & Disassembly prohibited..

  1. odinsthumb

    I encountered this screen, I had just installed a 4 new DDR2 ram modules. One had an error. The computer worked fine when I removed it.

    1. HawkEYE Post author

      yeah.. same as mine .. this was happening when adding new RAM module.. because not so properly inserted to the slot.. *sigh*

  2. Diwakar

    Hi, I am getting this error message while starting Windows. Not able to get rid of it. Can anyone help me? I have also tried to remove & re-insert the RAM as well. Do I need to do something else as well or I am missing something. Please email me on… Thanks so much for your help.

  3. rahul

    yes this is the same problem which apprears on my computer screen what should i do to make my computer work well please reply me

  4. LeSage


    I’ve just encountered the same problem. I’m not the used to working on the PC. Someone sent it to me with the specified problem.

    Could you help me resolve it?

    Josue MANUEL

  5. user

    lo he solucionado quitando la pila de la bios un rato, y despues trasteando esta, y al fin he podido instalar el XP y quitar el W98 de un vetusto ordenata, aunque me sigue apareciendo el dichoso mensaje nada mas arrancar, pero funciona de p.m.



  7. roberta

    Hi Everyone, how are you? This morning I have tried to turn the laptop on and I fond this writing in the laptop too. I take away the battery and insert it again, the same with hardware,m but still the same problem. What should i do???

    thank you.

  8. Bougeault

    I had the same problem. It’s very easy to repair: Just stop the computer, unplug the power cord, remove all the memory modules from the mother board, start the computer, stop the computer, replace all the memory modules, restart the computer.
    Then It should be OK.

  9. yako

    solucione el problema muy facilmente, rece 4 padrenuestros, 8 avemarias y listo, funciona
    perdon tb cambie el monitor y solucionado el problema

  10. fairoosbanna

    Shut down the PC, unplug the power cord and hold the power button in for 15 seconds.

    Open the case and remove the cmos battery for 15 Minutes (note the polarity of the battery before removal) Replace the battery if it is 3-5 years old. Reinsert the battery after 15 Minutes, close the case and plug it in, then do the following before doing anything else.

    Power up the PC
    * Watch the keyboard lights. When they flash, tap the F2 key
    * The message, Entering Setup should appear
    * Down arrow to Maintenance
    * Choose Load Defaults
    * Click Continue – Restore factory defaults

    Restart the PC, see if the message is gone.

  11. Yoshida

    Just turn off your computer, unplug power cord then plug it back in, open your computer and press Del. as fast and as much as you can, some computer might be F2 or F10. Then you are in BIOS, dont need 2 do anything, just save and exit.


    I was trying to update the BIOS using the CD that came with the motherboard and eversince no post, unfortunately none of the abovestePS worked, any more suggestions please…

  13. worksfine

    Someone by the name of Bougeault said unplug and remove memory the start then turn off and reinsert memory.This worked just fine. I wish all the so called experts would keep their posts to themselves about all the exotic fixes that don’t work. I have had this same problem with other issued and generally the simplist is the one that works.

  14. Francisco

    Desconecta el equipo de la corriente electrica

    retira la bateria de la BIOS CMOS.

    Quita las RAM.

    Dejala unos 5 mimnutos y vuelve a poner lo que quitaste y intenta.

    debe de arrancar sin problemas, te recomiendo que le reemplazes la bateria de la BIOS CMOS.

  15. GROOVY

    I done all the stuff with the battery and it was absolutely pointless – the problem was the CRT DISPLAY, older and newer crt worked, but not this one, hehe. Thank you very much NEDOS!!!

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