The preparation .. a day before..
Start with.. peeling the ‘bawang’..

someone had cried a lot because of this..hehehe


.. then i was kinda busy with the other outside work.

installing a roof..

for a venue that look like this…

the venue..

.. later of the day… a team is preparing the ‘menu’  for night event…


.. as usual kids just moving around..

tariqanother kid on the block..

took a peek on a cake..and the completed ‘artwork’ as background.. later..


then.. the night come.. preparing for the ‘akad-nikah’ ceremony..


here.. time come.. I was driving my younger sister (bride) to the nearby mosque for the ‘akad-nikah’ ceremony..


starting with ‘tok kadi’.. writing some note on paper.. for his reference  i think..

tok kadi



it was started with a long ‘khutbah’ regarding  the ‘perkahwinan’ and all..

then start practicing it  a bit.. kinda a ‘ rehearsal ‘..
I know..a bit nervous but calm.. hehehe.

… ding dong~ ‘akad-nikah’ ceremony went on smoothly..

.. done.. signing the ‘akad-nikah’ form..


the bride side…


“dengan ini.. selamat lah sudah…”


.. and back to home again to have some meal that had been prepared…


did’nt managed to took any pic with the crowd.. as been busy .. become a server  ~  (hahahaa)

p/s :  guess what.. after all done.. I was the one who sent the ‘tok kadi’ to his home.. ~ during the trip  ~ got some discussion which is only known to me.. ~


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