Huh.. now it is 6 January of 2007..

another year to discover.

This year si VMY – visit Malaysia Year according to here

somehow got stuck near the Eye on Malaysia..

there are some finishing touch is being done while i was there this afternoon.

I went to Library just to borrow some book..

then proceed to the HKL to see doctor..

I got fever.. flu and cough.. hahah…

registered at 2.55pm by paying RM 1.

at 3.15pm… being checked by Medical Assistant..

then he ask me to see doc at room no 29..

yeah.. here .. queee until 4.45 pm.. before I can see the doc for about 5-10 minute.

4.55pm collect my medicine from pharmacy.. luckily don’t have to wait..

huh.. why so long ?

don’t know..

I thought new year would change this kind of prob.. but is getting worse..

they said the traffice were jammed because of the attitude of the driver..

but from my opinion.. it is nothing to do with the driver.. the infrastructure itself.. is a mess.. contributing much more problem and possiblities of traffic jam..