Dang ~!..
is the internet connection went down again ?
Or there is another big earthquake somewhere ..

owh.. one of the fibre optic in a company .. had been displaced..
so the mail server inaccessible.. bla… bla…

this kind of conversation started again these few days..
I think it going to be as ‘best effort basis’ to provide the communication link…
one of the famous word.. on the term of any of our local communication link provider..

this time.. is it time for me to behave such as ‘best effort basis’?
ahhaha.. let’s see how..
something somewhere has to be overridden if we insist to have better .. ..~!

anyway… I’d still love to stay under the radar..
but when something that is normally like this..

normal response from dns..

become like this…one..
connection dns server itself broken