On 19th June 2010.
As we were walking thru “Kinokuniya” KLCC..
spotted this book .. “Ideal Father” – a comprehensive boot outlining the principles of being an ideal father..
by Maulana Muhammad Hanif Abdul Majid.. with the price tag of “RM 39.90”

wife immediately raised her eyebrow.. “Ok. let’s buy this one for you..”
coincidentally the Father’s day is the next day..
anyway we ended up buying few other book too.

After reaching home.. un-wrapped the cover..

reading first few page..
among (many other) content are :

  • Pray (make Doa) for your children.
  • Express gratitude on the birth of children
  • the value of children.
  • Your attitude on the birth of a girl
  • a girl who inspride good fortune
  • A daughter – Jannah of the parents
  • .. and many more..

    Ok.. skipped few page of introduction and “how to read this book” instruction…
    exactly at page 17.. first chap..

    got first question at the headline… which read as :

    “What will happen to my Children after My Death ?”

    Ops…i think something had hit my nerve..
    Hmm…. that enough to make me somehow recalling the “deep -thought”‘s session before getting married..

    but wait..
    then it was followed by this question..
    “what will happen to the Children after Their Death”

    Oh..that’s the real question..!

    then.. only started the following..
    “Pray (make Doa) for Your children”

    not too long after that..
    i’ve received these SMS.. from my colleague

    “.. a bit speechless ”

    ** so coincident ah..?

    next morning.. after 10.am .
    decided to take a long drive to “Kg Tengah, Kuantan..”

    ‘Semoga arwah dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang yg beriman ‘

    the visit ended with something along these line..

    “I know,that this small contribution would not able to take the sadness away.. but hopefully it can help to ease some burden..”

    p/s : “Setiap yang hidup pasti merasai kematian..”

    Apabila mati seseorang anak Adam, maka terputuslah amalannya kecuali tiga perkara: sedekah jariah, ilmu yang dimanfaatkan dan anak soleh yang sentiasa mendoakannya.
    ( Hadis riwayat Muslim)