It’s been a while, feel like moving too fast.. while all other like stale or slow-pace.

I.e the market is not changing that fast enough for the new technology to sustain..

SO, instead of picking up latest OS . (Fedora 17)

I search for the redhat 9 ( codename Shrike ) which is still around from the’s archive.

Which is corresponding to ..

This is like bringing time-machine back to my uni time..

remembering the excitement of first time getting Shrike iso via campus network ..
setting up dual boot.. messing up with new hardisk.. re-doing.. stayed up >24hours.
and fixed everything, before goes off and lay flat on bed
while the earthquake shakes my campus a bit …
so,it is exactly a day before the big tsunami event in Sumatera. 24 December 2004.

However, today I am downloading this just because some QT application being shown a demo’s to be able to compile
with redhat 9 that is running in VMware. ( with option install “Everything” _).

p/s : I think I will just embrace the new habit of staying up a bit longer… ;)