Well, those who really know me while my univ. or student time would have noticed that

I seldom sleep early at night. And consume a lot of Nescafe. :)

Hmm,I am wondering what am doing at that time.
Most of my daytime are hectic,either class or running errant playing around with something that
is suppose not my concern at all.
But, night time also, hardly sleep..
but surely not with just books !
else I would had scored high marks :P..
I would hate to just being like a parrot repeating text from books.
(read .. I don’t memorize a lot of thing from the textbook . :P )

But rather, I would love to understand from where it had been derived, stories behind each..
which I found very interesting… than the just plain fact without any explanation.
(unless the explanation goes overboard and got me bored before it reach the end.. haha_)

I think someone told about the power of short time sleep. which would be
just enough to recharge..
And yes.. there are time where I’d fall asleep longer than usual hour.
especially after the so called “Annual Camp” ( read : active physical activity. )

Aha.. there are time, that I spend a lot on games such as this one.

yes, today also if got some time to spend , I would not hesitate to fire it up and play for an hour or so. :)

Hmm. back to the caffeine intake..
I am not able to recall when exactly I’d stopped the consumption..
Most probably after I started working for some rigid timeblock.. (8.30am to 5.30pm) job.

After a while,it turn quite opposite effect I think.
There are at time where I was unable to sleep more than 24hours..
Just because I accidentally took one cup of nescafe or anything alike .. darn..
( body feel like tired.. but unable to sleep .. can’t stopped thinking of something .. )
Then it took few days to get back to normal again.. haha.

So, most of the time I would try my best to avoid the “caffeine” intake at all.
and took “milk”.. “soya”.. “tea” .. “Carrot juice” .. “100plus” .. or any others.
Yes, I still had sometimes staying up at night and get something done as necessary.
But I guess not the frequent maybe..

The Changes !

Then, after few years of being working into fixed timeslot.. I started to drift.
And yes, I feel some emptiness .. because of the routine … :)
some urge from inside getting stronger every single day..
to go ahead start to find something worth challenging..
worth to spend time into.. worth to invest effort and everything.
so…the time had come,and I decided not to waste any more second.
it’s definitely not worth spend the time of my life just being “working” for someone..!

.. and few days back..
I decided to get the nescafe back into my daily consumption .. hahahaa.
I think it had some kind of good effect..
“kinda got a punch in the face” to wake-up from a long sleep.. for being lazy all this while.
time to change.. :)

first few days… yes.. I noticed there are some extra hours in my daily life now..
sometimes tired.. but by taking a short nap,can easily recover from that situation.

More thing getting done as can focus a bit better..
and importantly can get into the thinking activities more often.
I think.. probably mind can see more things now.. :)

p/s : .. caffeine or no caffeine.. ain’t matter now.
But I think much better, as would be managing own time and energy.. (read: Entrepreneur a.k.a small business owner. )