The idea of Earth Hour[] is not that bad idea at all..
the website is also nice.. got video , got photos, gadget.. twitter
and all the thing that would be related or would be interesting to us..

But when I was trying to visit .. it was redirecting me to

and guess what?


why don’t just redirect it to.. microsoft instead..

the one who decide to put silverlight-required stuff on the front page of the regional website must have been idiotic.

Silverlight having no support for RHEL 5.. the binary was compiled upto RHEL4.. and the name is Moonlight.. and I was proved working on the Ubuntu 8.14 .. but not on my CentOS 5.2 ..

even the add-on for the firefox also causing crash..
it is an early age.. and proprietry of Microsoft..

not enough with just Flash ??
like the one for this..

lol.. let’s give a damn click..

and puff.. ~~

what the .. not supported..

now.. feel a bit angry…
let see who da heck is behind the



it is kinda using earth hour event to deliberately promote the silverlight for microsoft..
and i guess that wouldn’t be cheap.. even if the risk was going to embarrass the whole of us…

“Malaysia website for earthhour was just another marketing site for microsoft..”

I don’t give a damn on the server being down 3-days before the event itself..
but the content was damn useless.. friendliness?.. OKU-friendly ? wide target ?
who cares…? as long as taking full-advantage to get advertising done.. i guess..

it appeared as just another typical type of website doing freaking excellent promoting job of others product..
in this case “Microsoft”..

how pity..

for those who unable to get into the page..

click to the link below.. skip the ads the front page.

there is a reminder in Earth Hour[]
to not write something negative about Earth Hour..

but somehow.. I can’t really keep damn silent on this matter anymore..

p/s : do you recalled any of these event last year ?

Mar 28, 2008 04:30 AM
Oakland Ross
Middle East Bureau

TEL AVIV–They came, they saw, they pedalled.

Dozens of mostly young and very enthusiastic volunteers took turns pumping their leg muscles here last night, generating about 2.5 kilowatts worth of electrical power, as Israel’s largest city, along with Jaffa, its southern neighbour, turned off the lights for 60 minutes in celebration of Earth Hour.

“We are fighting for the future of our children,” Israeli President Shimon Peres told the Toronto Star, just before he cut off internal lighting at the Azrieli Towers, an office and shopping complex built by Israeli-Canadian businessman David Azrieli.

“We can save the world, but we have to act quickly.”

The hard-working pedal pushers were helping to power an open-air concert by Israeli rock group Kneisiat Hasechel, who performed before tens of thousands of fans jammed into Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square.

The rest of the roughly 50 kilowatts needed for the concert was supplied by generators burning used falafel oil for power.

“It’s small things,” said Shirley Faitelson, 31, of Tel Aviv.

“But if everybody shuts their lights for one hour, it makes a big difference. If everybody gets together, it will make a big change.”

Israel’s commercial and industrial hub became the first of dozens of cities around the world to turn off lights to mark Earth Hour.

Other cities, including Toronto, will follow Tel Aviv’s lead, beginning tomorrow evening, between 8 and 9.
The Israeli city marked the event last night to avoid conflict with the Jewish Sabbath, which begins late Friday and continues till Saturday evening.