my Dad had passed away On 13th October 2010 ~ 0730H. (Wednesday)

He had been in ICU since 4th October 2010 . due to Asthma ..
and first been diagnosed as having ‘lung infections’..
Immediately after being collapsed for 2nd time..
he was connected to a ventilator at HUSM kubang kerian..
However later of the evening, he got transferred to ICU HRPZ II . Kota Bharu.

We rushed back to hometown on that same day , only managed to arrived at hospital at
3.00am , 5th October 2010.
We had two team :
Team A (convoi with 2cars , myvi and viva)
– Me & wife and Azri from KL
– List & Karim also from KL.
– Nasrin & Nadhirah from Malacca

Team B (public transport)
– Fairoz took the “Transnasional ” bus from Penang , alone..
which is having accident near Tanah Merah, (the bus was driven way too fast.. and hit another oncoming car)
luckily , she managed to escaped unhurt and hook up to a “Mutiara” bus to reach kota bharu.
– she arrived at 4.00am. 5th October 2010.

We could only allowed to meet with my father inside ICU at 6.30 am that morning, until 7.30am.
we took turn to recite Yasin and visit him during that time-slot.
Azri & Nadhirah also waited outside the ICU .. both IS not allowed to visit.. just yet.

The doctor & nurse was saying, dad on sedative as to allow the intubation/ventilator to work..
his condition considered critical but stable.
maybe he just need a rest.. and some time to recover..

we were allowed to visit again at 1-2 pm that same day..
followed by 5-7 pm.. same day..

Time flies.. I stayed at in-law’s house at Jalan Langgar.. (just around 5-10minute away from hospital)
next day, a few more relatives and his friend arrived .
thing went out fine.. so far..
Nasrin & Nadhirah , Karim & Lisa went back to Malacca and KL on the next day. (5th October 2010)

Day after day.. dad showing some progress.his leg was kicking around..

so we decided to get back to work on 7th October 2010.

… the next day .. Friday.. Mom said .. “got blood inside his urine bag..”
the following day.. is was said “it was because he had move his leg quite a lot”
kinda a relief..

the following day.. no progress..
on Monday .. I was at MMD, Petaling Jaya.. kinda back to work..
no progress.. but Mom was saying doctor is about to have perform “dialysis” for my dad..
“eh.. it was a sign..” ..
however.. it was said .. normal for ICU patient to have dialysis to help/ease
the kidneys function..

the next day.. 12 October 2010. Tuesday… around 11am.
Fairoz called.. dad’s is in critical stage..
dialysis is not helping at all.. he was somehow refusing the new “blood”
later on noon.. 1pm.. mom called.. Doctor said.. can have all children come back by now..
His infection had spread to kidneys.. and now start affecting his liver..
*my gut feeling was saying.. “ that ah..he not going to make it this time..”

we took off from KL that evening at 4pm ..
arrived at Raub around 6.30 pm.. i had skipped lunch stating this day..
and stopped again at RnR gua musang around 9.30pm .. for dinner.. (skipped also)

arrived at ICU, HRPZ II , Kota Bharu at day. (13th October 2010)
really “geram”.. for stopping twice..
this time we’re allowed to get in and stays with my dad. for the whole night.
but only two persons at a time.
this.. time.. “we can already see the sign of him about to leave..”
i was speechless.. stayed inside there with mom until 5.30am..
until mom asked me to go out and eat something..
went out.. but i was just re-charging my phone.. battery drained.

around 6.15am… wife asked to send her to her home..near langgar.
Okay.. i was sending her with azri..
just a few minutes after finished unloading stuff and all.
my phone rang.. it was from Lisa..
“nurse asked to have all his children to get inside the ICU room.. nazak ~”

without further delay.. i repeat the same sentence to my wife..
no show of interest at all..just nodded her head.
so .. I just rushed to hospital with maximum speed as I was driving alone..
“all traffic light” seem green to me this time.

Upon arriving there.. parked right in front of HRPZ II.. parking slot having exactly just one blank slot.
arrived beside my dad.. exactly at 6.30am..
I was seeing his ECG and some instrument with timestamps refreshed every 1 sec..

his blood pressure had dropped to around 40-60.. not rising at all.
I just keep reciting “Syahadah” near his ears..
everyone else is there except.. Nasrin.. “she was talking to school!?”

also there .. both of his besan (Najili’s ma + ayah) .. from Kuala Krai..
Lisa.. Karim, Abirah, Fairoz.. Faris..
Ikram.. Najili .. and me.
some of us reciting Yasin.. some holding whatever can be hold..
until around 7.15am.. i can see there is an alert “Asystole…” at his ECG.
but his chest still moving.. though.. figured later.. it was because his ventilator still on.
nurse start turning everything off.. at 7.30am.. doc checked his eye.. and announced..
“he had left”… responded with uncontrollable tears from all family members..

hugging each other.. until we asked to go out .
so that can un-wire him.. and prepare for mortuary ..
mom and Karim decided to follow the ‘van jenazah’.

the rest of us , can start arranging for his arrival at home..
some SMSes had been sent out at this time..
the news spreading all over everyone that is reachable at that time..

p/s : Dari Allah kita datang, kepada-Nya jua kita kembali..