Getting married is serious business.

Oh well.. Its start from the day one , the moment you planned to get married.

For me , the easiest part of all is something like this … :)


Either we stick to it till the end ( and get to “pelamin” ).. or otherwise is ONE long story.

.. as for men , we tend to think beyond what that one “special day ” is ..
After that is what..

.. how to cope with the responsibilities..
.. how to raise.. and ensure safety for family members..
.. and many other things.. not limited to just money, time, concern, relationship and etc..

Ask yourself..whether going to take it seriously before its even started..
if just wanna play-play / try .. then i think should back-off till you’re really want to get into it.. :)

Oh .. well, speaking of preparation :

For Malays couple in Malaysia … there are few thing to overcome prior of getting married :

1. Family approval. .. men’s side would be much more problematic if not handled properly.
– mom’s word is veto ~ somehow for those who obey.. “no” mean find another “calon” lah..
2. seek another side approval, then let her settle the other side issue.
3. once cleared, our family can start the process.
.. merisik,
.. ask for hand in marriage confirmation ~ “engagement” ….
.. akad nikah thing .. where, when.
.. majlis :
… Bridal side .. what, who.. where.. how much ?
… and many more sort of *non-sense* outside of what is actually needed by “Islam”

4. then only start sort out of what actually need for Akad-Nikah ..
– wali
– 2 x saksi yg adil
– Tok kadi / Imam
– Calon Suami
– Calon Isteri
– Mas Kahwin ( this part.. ~ “Sebaik-baik wanita adalah rendah maskahwinnya…” )

Sabda Rasulullah SAW

Ertinya : “ Sebaik-baik wanita adalah yang elok rupanya dan yang paling rendah kadar maharnya


Ertinya : “ Seberkat-berkat wanita ialah paling sedikit maharnya”
Rasulullah SAW juga bersabda maksudnya :
“Sebaik-baik maskahwin ialah yang lebih rendah “. ( Riwayat Abu Daud )
Dan sabda Rasulullah s.a.w. yang bermaksud:
“Sesungguhnya yang besar berkat nikah ialah yang sederhana belanjanya “.
( Riwayat Ahmad )

.. p/s : no comment..!

5. Majlis dan lain2.. mengikut adat kaum dan kawasan masing2..
.. btw : “Sanding” is something NOT originally from “Islam”. * check *

It would be very nice , if not too much of waste.. on “hiasan”.. bla..bla..
btw : … that is not the end of the WORLD anyway !

. .. after marriage, is all up to YOU!
to entertain.. not to entertain.. no one else would had a say..
“if you stick your gun lah..” but yes.. we tend to “give in” ..

p/s : .. looking forward for more challenge ahead.. :)