I actually want to write the “Nuzul Quran” 1430H ..

somehow can’t locate this photo..


this shot is from one of banner near Jalan Pasir Puteh -from Melor toward Kubang kerian ..

ok.. got one insidence last week though.. went to Tanjung karang.. for a site visit..
somehow got it too late, have to stop at one mosque there instead of ‘Pasar Ramadhan’..

and eventually having berbuka puasa with two tahfiz at masjid Sg Leman.. (which is 5 of us sharing one ‘hidangan’)~
and one of them is at 17years old..
and going to sit for SPM 2009 this november.. ~ really admiring those can ‘hafaz’ and recite Al-Quran really well.

yet.. i’m so embarrassed whenever reflecting on myself.. 27th years.. ~ and yet.. got no where to be defined as a great man !! ~

p/s : hopefully this nuzul quran somehow give some meaning to us..
( footnote : Nuzul Quran day is no holiday for Kuala Lumpur )