Ok.. this is where i got my big and fresh squid from..


(i know .. the photos is lack of focus.. the road occupied more than half of the whole area..~ hahahaa)

the boat…


i read somewhere in newspaper or so.. someone complain about the foreign boat coming to this port..would bring negative
effect to the surrounding community in tok bali..
what the heck..~ expecting to close and let nobody in ?? – what I actually see from this activity is another economic advantage for Kelantan instead..
may be the complainer never had been onboard to the other place/port ..
and unable to actually realized the culture different is something defined within us..
and i think..
“no one become more malays by just blocking foreigner to get inside malays territory”..

.. and even worst.. the complainer not even a local !! .. craplah, rubbish talk only lah..!


… this is the best part..

“Nego blako”..
which could be translated as ..

“Make business out of Everything !!”

p/s : let’s move forward lah… ~