If there is only one thing I can learn from Richard Branson.

It would be “Always cover the bottom line”.
It is a pre-planned exit being put in place,
or at least being thought of earlier,
should the ideal plan goes south for whatever reason.

In his example, should his first flight booking is not able to secure enough passenger to fit the first aircraft he is about to rent.
The deal is OFF, and would NOT need be paying anything at all.

So,no matter how ambitious you’re..
If you’re not able to cover the bottom line you’re pretty much screwed up. If anything, there is always risk, what matters is how do we plan to mitigate them.

The bottom line is what I need to be able to at least fulfil its requirement regardless of how bad the situation turn out to be.

The example is pretty much as simple as being able to pay for the monthly expense for the family while you’re chasing your own dream.

Having said that, I was somehow ended up in a situation where I was stuck between getting enough of traction for business growth and withdrawing enough money from it to support my own monthly expense.

Then at some point, being me, plan and sequencing things maybe not my best trait after all.
I’ve met with multiple occasions of chicken and eggs problem.

For example:

  1. in order to get the government sponsored education fund:”MyBrain” to pay for my master degree course.
    At first I needed to get in and enrolled the course first.
    However, to get enrolled into the course successfully,
    I need to pay the entrance fee for certain minimum amount.

So, being stuck in that situation, I call for a help from my friend and get it solved pretty much quickly.
It can be put as just one call away.
Simple? yes. would I like to do it again? no.
Why on earth did I get myself into such situation in the first place?
still pondering upon this. haha

  1. To get the business network up and running.
    First you have to gain some reputation before it can provide return with some meaningful output.
    In order to do that, you’ll have to burn some resource to get into the position where it command the right amount of “influence” to buy whatever you’re selling.
    And that require some resource be ready to be spent at first.

However, the tricky part is getting to that level without first being burn-out too quickly. Or avoid being getting too depth of debt while doing it.

again.. “always cover the bottom line” also useful when you’re trying to venture into the new opportunities. Where it might not claim as easy as it seem. You also need to know when to stop and when it is time to keep on going.

As long as the bottom line is covered, you’re will have ONE less thing to worry about. And I think that alone will be able keep you from a LOT of sleepless night away.

p/s : try re-reading this again in next few years to understand why am writing this.