I just recently made a  purchase for a marketing seminar that will be talking about Instagram marketing.

From what I observed, there are similar pattern exist in most online shop platform.

The following is what I found as its basic component:


For example,


Step1: Engaging Content:

the first email I received is started with following:

Hai Namran, selamat pagi!
Nak bagitau ni, pendaftaran program Missing Chapter IG Ads 2.0 dah dibuka.
Followed by lengthy explanation of what it is about.
then at the end got Call-To-Action:
Which then lead to its landing page which look like this:
Step 2: Sales Copy
Then, once clicked on “Book Now” or “Order”
It will lead to the payment page as below:
Step 3: Payment & Collection
At this stage, there is an options to opt as customer, and it allow you to using social account.
For example “Facebook” and “Google” as in the following page.
Then the after done payment.
You will be receiving email on the delivery details.
Step 4: Delivery & Support
You can observe it few other platform. the flow most likely will be similar.
It started with either listing or social media campaign, then eventually lead you to their landing page.
The landing page will be bombarded with all kind of information that you would need to know before decide to purchase.
Once you decided to purchase, it will point you to a simple “Payment page” which normally attached with an obvious call-to-action button.
As quickly as possible, their payment page will then collect your money.
Once the payment goes through successfully, you will then received an email on the product delivery info.
And they may suggest you with some other product that may be useful for you.
After few years, some shop still keep record of what you had purchased and continue to serve you with useful information.
From time to time. :)