At the ages of information commerce today.

We caught on being on the race with latest information and everything.

And at this very moment, there is also a lot of fake news everywhere.

With the new government vows to repeal the recently enacted Anti fake-news act.

The situation might just get worse than before.


There is no way anyone could possibly verify all the incoming news, whether or not it is true.

Once the majority of the media outlet carried out the news, it will assumed as true or fact.

Thus, for those who have no noteworthy news at all, might prefer to remain silence.

And those who love to spin thing on invalid thing or doesn’t even care it was true or not, will still continue

sharing those news.

The end-game scenario, the fake  but cringe worthy news will definitely flood every social media and also mainstream media.

We will see the massive influx of the infamous cybertrooper’s work first hand.

Or maybe it just me, need some downtime.


Silence indeed is golden. haha :)