Yesterday evening was raining heavily at MMD.
And also at Sg Buloh home.
plus there were a lot of thunderstorm at Sg Buloh .

I think it strike close enough to trigger power-cut-off
from my UPS.

as a result.. server goes into “standby-mode” or something.
Internet line didn’t came back up online after that..
and I wasn’t at home.

this result disconnection for bout few hours till i came back from office.
Hmm.. as normal as it goes..stuck in traffic jam after the rain is a exhausting..
so.. by the time I reach home.
managed to restore the everything back.. with a complete reboot .
( un-plug.. re-plug sort of )
but really tired after..

ended up.. me myself got rebooted. hahaha
didn’t managed to check email until the next day..
around next day,
stopping by at Desa Sri Hartamas office..
scanned some stuff.
upon leaving..
beep..beep.. my handphone vibrating.!
someone sent a SMS me to somehow reminding me to check my email.. :)
Gossh.. actually a lot had been coming through that night..


But.. upon reaching MMD at around 12.15noon..
saw this .. next to my car..

Hehe.. another good example of keeping the channel open.!

p/s : .. keep the existing channel OPEN, even though having various modern tech is taking place soon..