after nearly 15 year not meet..

then suddently  met at a place.

exchange phone number .. chat a lil bit..

then after few days.. the long-lost friend call back to meet ..

for a teh tarik ..? yeah.. that will be fine..

and not to my surprise .. he will talk about MLM.. and all those kind of stuff..

to join biz.. and so on.. so forth…

kinda generic at moment..

if I am not being paranoid … or sarcastic enough to drive away the idea..

maybe..not less than 10biz was up-and-running .. so called ?

but once in while just call for hang-out like nothing else to do.. WTH..

Do I look so free to live the life like another teenager who just got off the hook …?

the bottom line is.. I don’t give a damn..~!