what the heck is microblog ? as far as I am concern.. either you update or no update at all… hahahaa..
from the google [define:microblog]

Micro-blogging is a form of blogging that allows users to write brief text updates (usually 140 characters) and publish them, either to be viewed ..

more detail view here [wikipedia.org]

I haven’t bother much.. depend on true exciting thing in life or having something to write about then just write..
well .. after all it is the content itself that matter.. anyway.

checkout the geek of the year 2008.

2nd geek..
turn out to be


Philip DeFranco makes awesome Monday to Friday, talking about news, tech, geek, awesome, and all that is douchetastic.


Philip DeFranco, is the 23 Year old host of the Philip DeFranco Show. The show has accrued over, 130 million views, and maintains the best audience EVER! The show is DeFranco’s soapbox to talk about everything and anything that interests Philip DeFranco

well.. you can see it live on you tube.. can get fastest update via subscription..

it is video blog ? owh shit..wrong again..
to be added to the vocabulary..
video blog..
photo blog.. [the one using flickr] or SLR-based Camera.. hoohohoh..
and now microblog..
somemore ?
whatever it is.. it all about blog anyway..

hmm.. to add to my blog thingy..
directly from my sony ericson k530i phone ..
feel like updating something while I was forced away-from-keyboard…

can reach my mobile based update here [blogspot.com] also reachable via http://mb.namran.net .. how nice of blogspot to have something like this nowadays..

fully integrated.. to the phone!! hahaha.. should this be called microblog ? phoneblog ? what ever it is..
can see the one with penguin image at the side blogroll also.

p/s : seem unable to disconnect from the NET then… kinda addicted!hahaha..