The most valuable thing would the the keys itself..
luckily got backup elsewhere ..

the customization to add for its to select correct keys for each machine..
simply create a file at “~/.ssh/config”
with content as such..

host skynet*
       IdentityFile ~/.ssh/namran.skynet.keys
       User namran
host *
       IdentityFile ~/.ssh/namran.home.keys
       User namran
       Port 1111
host *
       IdentityFile ~/.ssh/
       User namran
       Port 1222
       IdentityFile ~/.ssh/ae.keys
       User root

make sure the permission is correct for each keys and also config.

chmod 600 ~/.ssh/config
chmod 600 ~/.ssh/*.keys

then.. login to those machine..
would be as easy as

[namran@nb-namran]$ssh -l root ae
[root@AQ ~]#

source :

p/s : yeah… finally written about this..