My Dear..

If I recalled correcly..
you’re the one who dare to poke me around at my secondary school (SMIP)..
while I was scouting around as a School Prefact ..
.. heck.. “yes.. you’re the girl from FORM 1 Ehsan
with the blue line at the scarf…make you look different from the rest..
perhaps you were .. the “Penolong Ketua Tingkatan “.. i think..

You had been with me while I am taking my SPM result..
.. and also the one who complain why I must be number two.. instead of one..
I still remembered how did I answered as ..
“because that was the best for me..
and maybe God had much more better plan for me ahead” ….

Yet you also the one who flattering me ..
when I had been awarded as SPM’99 *overall* student ..
… but my father took it on my behalf.
because i was away to the experimental matriculation starting January 2000.

Yet, at that time you’re still so young..
as as form 2 student..
you’re still complaining about boring science class..
while i was starting to learn something ..
at Kolej Negri .. “Seremban 2”..

Hmm.. then there are time a bit lost-connection sort off..
no more letter in my inbox..
the last thing i know..
you were admitted to hospital..

no one told me..
until I was back in town ..
and visiting you again..
meet me at front the school hostel..

.. then,
time for your PMR comes..
not much that i can do..
.. except some letter but limited phone call..
i think i was writing some motivation quote or something.. hahaha..
( oh.. by this time.. “TimeCell” was introducing free SMS..
but you got no handphone yet..
so i had to play around with some others friend.. hahaha.. )

then.. after PMR..
you were crying a lot..
because of that result..
.. admittedly i was speechless when you’re crying..
“stupid me..”

after months..
thing went out right..
as you were accepted to ..
MRSM Kuala Krai..
but you put it as (Koala Cry)..

almost every week calling..
wanted to “U-turn” and back to SMIP..
haiyo… until I managed to speak to your mom..
and get her to encourage you to stay there…
hahaha.. i was starting to learn some diplomacy here..

then.. your SPM comes around..
as I was starting to become a senior in PALAPES at USM..
that was the best time i think…
each time got to be “masuk hutan” for “annual camp”..
never failed to bring along your laminated photos with me..

then.. the phone conversation become more frequent..
.. but most of the time..
you’re the one calling me..
because “I am with the handphone..while you’re not allowed to own a phone.. yet.. ”
hahaha.. series of public phone number were stored at inside my maxis SIM card that time..
so that… i know exactly who is calling.. or doing some nasty “missed call” at midnite..

was it alcatel or motorola..
can’t remember.. 🙂

.. to be continued..