I went to Belaga, Sarawak in past few week.

The transport to get there are very limited at that time due to raining season..
instead of the express boat, we use 4-Wheel -Drive transport to get there..

However, it is still connected to the rest of the world, as I can get my HSDPA and also wifi f
from my hotel there.

In case, you’re wondering how the road looks like ..

the air is breezy … especially in the morning.

One thing that impress me most is the people and their daily activities to get / sell fruit.

Until , I saw this one on the next table..

So, we decide to find where is the source…

I was told , they came every single morning from the “HULU” part of the river..
as Belaga is the nearest market for them to sell their fruit.

Normally I would at least bargain a bit for a lower price..
but here.. the price is already low.. I don’t think is fair to ask for any lower though..

yeah.. time to eat.. :)

p/s : .. there is countless of sweat have been poured in to get this out from the land.. :)
let’s not waste.. and at least say “thank you.”