Early in the morning as I walking to the office, I was wondering it would nice for the day if I got latte drink.

Later that day, I went out to have lunch with others.
As the time come, they got latte the in the menu..
Straight-away ordered it without any second thought.

Little that I know, the conversation during that lunch meeting lead to ..
“How many hour do you sleep a day ?”.
The CEO answer was “..about 4 hours a day”

I guess that maybe a new normal for anyone at this position. :)
With all the thing on his plate, I don’t think a decent mind would tolerate anything less.
“We got to constantly improving ourself or eventually we became dinasour.”
Coincidentally, those similar wording also come out from our beloved
Prime Minister too.

That’s didn’t stop there.
Eventually after dinner that day, my wife opened up the fridge and give me this.
“…A latte!”

Snapped a photo out of excitement..

posted to fb, later got comment in ‘family WA group’.

.. totally unexpected one:

“whose hand got wrinkles all over ?”

I rest my case for the day.. haha!