Or it is suppose to be “the brain” could not remember ?

As the time goes by.. i think I had forgotten a lot of thing , or can be written as
I had “let the bygone be the bygone”..

there are events that I had completely lost the memory of that until someone reminded me again,
and made a detailed explanation of the situation that time, then only “ooh.. now I remember..”

to recall one of the nice quote regarding the argument..

“when i encounter something good (someone did a good thing me), I will write/engrave it on the stone..
but when I encounter something bad (someone did a bad thing toward me), I write it on the sand at the beaches..
so that later of the day ..the ‘sweet memory’ will remain engraved to the stone.. but hopefully eventually
I will forgive and forget the ‘bad time’ , as it had been washed away by the tide…”

(now I remember that..someone also had wrote on my classroom wall when i was in primary school.. “Time & Tide wait for no man..”)


now i start to wonder…
how would it be when I grow older…
will all these thing fade away ?
and what will actually left to me at the end of the day?..

oh.. to recap recent event that happening around me these day..

1. before Ramadhan.. I just newly received my new car, someone request to use it before me…
and I had comply to that..

2. during Ramadhan.. something had been postponed…

3. before Hari Raya.. got duit raya from the boss.. and left to hometown early..
ended up playing facebook during the “Raya”‘s eve..

4. the nite before Hari Raya.. managed to get my “baju raya”..despite the complain
of being too pious or whatsoever..

5. Hari raya… managed to pull over at the graveyard at the morning..
after strictly resisting to visit anyone else until we visit grandpa’s tombstone..

6. Hari raya ke-3 .. managed to visit the boss home in “Tendong, pasir mas.”..
spent about 2-hours ..there..

7. Hari raya ke-4 … visited some friend’s house at Pasir Hor..
realized to be grateful that able to work in KL..instead of Sabah/Sarawak.

8. Hari Raya ke-5.. ‘driving license’ expired..
renewed at JPJ kelantan for the period of 2 years. RM 60.
– pick up parent from “kelantan-thai”‘s border.. with difficulties as the “Celcom” had just went offline.

9. Hari Raya ke-6 .. attend to “Bassam & Fiza” wedding at “Banggol, Penambang, kelantan..”
arrived too early .. ahead of the ‘rombongan’.. hahaha

10. Hari Raya ke-7.. back to KL trip.. no jam…
just need to maintain speed of 80-90 km/h… on a clear road.. (sometime got fed up..and speed-off..)

11. Hari Raya ke-8.. someone got into accident in Kemaman..
ended up have to pick up.. and round trip to kemaman-johor-kelantan… * exhausted to the max *..

… back to work, someone waiting at cyberjaya …

and now ..tonight got dinner at Putrajaya … (with new haircut and “batik”..hahaha)

p/s : life goes on.. no matter what..
but really .. i think i had forgotten a lot of things..