“What’s so special about us ….”

“.. we.use vaisala sensor. But we use our own AQ.. What is so special about our AQ?.
Think .. think .. think. “

I can’t help but to also think about the following :
1. What’s so special about me?
2. What’s the benefit I can obtain at my current place/position/situation  here at this point of time.
3. Is that all that I have/could/possibly  achieve?
4. What else and why not?
5. Is this the best environment that I can get?
6. Is this the best career achivement I can reach?
7. What standard am comparing against ?
-if am I comparing myself against the corpse,  which literally I am always in health conditions
8. What changes are needed for me to get better life or to make the best out of this life?
9. Why these changes are important to me?
10. What is so meaningful for me in my best interest despiting others interest?
11. .. what is my target/plan for myself in 1 year,  2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years .. from now?

So, what’s so special about me?

Why am not changing to be that special someone today?
Think … think.. think..

P/s : … each of us have 24 hours a day.. and exactly one life.
Do we really realize how many hours a day that we spent to think about ourselves?
How many hours we did really spent on what to be inside our wish .. our doa .. our dream.. are we asking for better or we had just repeatedly do the same mistakes we have done yesterday? Think .. think .. and answer to your own-self..