Uncertainties may create unnecessary stress and trigger an anxiety.

The above statement have some weight based on previous evidence.

I have my second son, Irfan Imran born on 18th Ramadhan 1432 ~ about 7 years ago.

It was a Ramadhan’s month and we are at Petaling Jaya, instead of Kelantan.

I think I was about to schedule a return trip Kelantan just around the following week.

So, my wife deliver at Sg Buloh Hospital in Selangor.


One thing  I remember most was the attending nurse at the labour room at that time.

Provided the hectic schedule they have to attend all the time , even at fasting month.

But the atmosphere was just nice and not much chaos at the labour room.

Everyone was very calm while attending to my newborn.

Yes, there was push , pain and blood as usual.. but the situation was a lot calm.

It was right after the Asar time.. and I was there with my wife in labour room to welcome our 2nd son.

Irfan was a bit “blueish”  after the delivery.

And while we were at the ward.. it turn into purple or something.

The doctor rushed him into the NICU ~ and only Allah knows what was my feeling at that time.

We both rushed into the NICU later, wife insist to get her to NICU too with the wheelchair to see our son.

With tears and everything , there is nothing much we can do at that moment.

Except to pray to Allah to grant us His blessing for our kid to be in healthy condition.
Everything is under His control and only his.. ~ exactly what I thought at that moment.


Like magic, about 1 hour an half later, doctor finally come out and told us that our son is normal and he was just too cold.
And we’ll just need to observe him for next 24 hours and he will be moved back with his mom the next day.

I think that night was the longest night ever in my life… ~ Alhamdulillah.

So, on moving forward, I think some of the things are still beyond our control.

And for that I will focus on what I can do instead of keep on worrying on thing that is beyond my control.

Hope that would help to ease some burden among us who are having difficulties to deal with uncertainties.

Yeah.. Malaysia is having new government, I understand. :)