The above quote emphasis the meaning of prioritising all the thing that we are currently handling.

Sometime, we put a lot of effort on such trivial matters that actually doesn’t affect the outcome as much as we expected.
Therefore for a long run, it is wise to set aside some time to properly organise all our task.
And just do what is the most important or at least mindfully manage those task to be allocated with its proper ratio of attention span.

Daily task can be very interesting but it may not actually end up as the main part to support our long term goals.

For example, if our task is to write a book.
the optimum desired output would be the page written and eventually completed the book content.

Getting publisher and preparing marketing for its release is interesting.. however, if the product itself can’t be produced at the desired time and quality. those other effort may just end up as useless.
Therefore , each task have different priority and different weight on its effect toward overall desired outcome.

I came across one of my friend, at which point we had some important deadline for an assignment to be submitted.
Otherwise, we may risk of being denied a good result for the particular subject.
It is critical at that moment, because without those assignment submitted on-time we may need to re-sit this paper for the following semester.

As a normal student, I would be panic and drop everything else to ensure this assignment is submitted on-time.
However, my friend here said, he got other commitment that require his attention at the moment.
And those commitment are far more important that the deadline that have been escalated only recently.

When I asked him, he said.. even though this deadline may seem very important as student. However this short deadline is not expected at the beginning of our semester, and its original timeline has been reduced drastically despite the change to the requirement itself.

In our life, there a many things with have to consider, this role is just one part of many other roles that under my care.
It may appear as simple change for others, but not for me.
I got other thing that need to be taken care of at this point of time therefore I can’t allocate any further resource (time and attention) in this particular matter.

are you not worried of the consequences?
why would i worried, the worst case scenario, i would have to re-sit for this paper next semester.
so, if that the case, i’ll just re-sit.
life still goes on.. right ?

After some conversation, he explained that something worth more than personal pursuit at this time was his commitment toward his day-to-day job as a professional executive.
His team need his full attention and contribution toward completing a project which will have a major affect toward his company financial status for the current year and will also affect his personal integrity.


I believe for most of us, we are juggling between roles on daily basis or even hourly. We are a father, a worker or entrepreneur and also at the same time is a normal human being with the need of rest, sleep and everything else.

just decide which one is the most important and take a great care to ensure it got the best of our effort and attention.